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Wet cleaning of carpets BRATISLAVA


We offer high quality cleaning services in Bratislava and surroundings. In a short time and

best price we can make wet cleaning of full-area or piece carpets as well as upholstered

furniture. Our machines can easily clean carpets with low and high hair that are truly

regenerated and straightened after wet cleaning. We will rid your carpets of any dirt, deep

stains as well as dust and hair. The lastest Swiss technology CLEANFIX ensures high

efficiency but also environmental friendly wet cleaning of carpets. We also use the best

quality wet cleaning equipment friendly to our environment.

WHY IS wet cleaning so important?

Wet cleaning of carpets in residential or administrative areas is important from a health point

of view carry out at least 2 times a year, in areas with a greater emphasis on cleanliness, or

when carpets are loading a lot i tis suitable do it more often. Do you have problems with

allergies? In carpets and upholstery except dirt and dust are presnet mists which can be for

human body origin allergies. Quality deep wet cleaning can get rid carpets with low and high

hair, as well as upholstered furniture of mites and various fungi, which will make your

environmnet more healthy.

What with the musty space? In carpets and upholstery after some time usually several

undesirable odors tend to settle. For example, fume after cigarettes, animal odors and others.

These can be safely removed by deep quality wet cleaning. Your space gets a new fresh




- wet cleaning and cleaning of full-area and piece carpets with low or high hair both

-wet cleaning of upholstered furniture - sofas, chairs, conference chairs, beds and mattresses

-wet cleaning of interior of cars and other vehicles

-complete wet cleaning and cleaning of conference halls, amphitheatrics and other

accumulating places

-wet cleaning and cleaning of offices and other administrative or commercial premises

-wet cleaning of houses

-Using the latest Swiss technology CLEANFIX

-trained staff

-environmentally friendly attitude

-best prices in Bratislava and its surroundings